Africa might double in population by 2050

We've asked the African European Fellowship to share their opinion on this projection. Here's the informal chat:

"I'm a little concerned by the doubling of population in Africa, because the poverty levels are already so high (first we need more business and better government). I'm wondering what is causing the decrease in Europe. It could be the fact that people are more reluctant to having children."
Daniel Simalki
"Family is very important in an African household. The more people you have within your household, the more you are able to divide tasks and take care of the elders.

I think education should be made more attractive to the youth. It’s important to see things from their point of view: What are their opportunities ? What inspires them? Giving them a feeling of hope as well. 👌🏽Creating a place where they can meet young people with the same passions, goals and interests. Where they can feel part of something big and not left out. A feeling of belongingness is important, I think. Most of the young people don’t feel supported and are scared to follow their passion because taking care of the household seems more important. They have to grow up faster than they even want to."
Ryana Twumasi H.
"I think there are a number of factors to consider here. The African continent is 14 times bigger than the European continent, for example. But I know in South Africa that the youth makes a conscious decision to fall pregnant, because they want to receive social grants. This is guaranteed money that they receive from the government every month, for every child they have. To them, the more children they have the more money the government gets to pay them. It is a minimal amount, but due to poverty, this makes a difference. Most of them do not even use the money for the benefit of their kids, they use it to do their hair and have fun. This is due to lack of education."
Phumzile Mtschali
South Africa
"When I reflect on the African future, there are two things that rush to my mind: will population increase the fate - poverty, disease and illiteracy or the population yield a difference that towards prosperity.

Like @Phumzile said, perfect reluctance sits at an average youth in Africa. Only to be rushed by circumstances of life around their mid twenties to be conscripted by insurgency groups or habit forming radicalism. Governments are also rearing these problems by not letting private sector take over some inefficient blocks of our economies. On the lighter side, there's more to reap from population growth. An instance would be of China how its population growth has been correlated with economic growth since 1970. In other words the two have to run parallel for Africa to sustain a day. I suggest population, however, that eco growth pace be higher than pop growth so that the existing poverty statistic base be dealt with, positively.

Education and health should be Africa's priority. Zim has the highest literacy rate in Africa with a population of 15 million. As of this week, the UNDP published that Nigeria now has a population of 201 million, with a 5million increase recorded in 2018. A disparaging fact is that more than 10million children (just children) are illiterate in Nigeria, comparatively we could say ⅔ of Zimbabweans could be illiterate. If that was the case, how would a nation with a ⅓ literate be able to shift an economy?

My suggestion has always been that Africa's shouldn't focus on the structure of learning (structural approach to building more classes because for more than 30 years, rural school haven't changed). It's better the structure of learning be put into the hands of the kids to self manage themselves with technology and virtual classes. That has its drawbacks, but ambitious students will rise!."
Biswas Kapasule
Africa is such a young continent, it's sometimes very hard to imagine here in aging Europe. Even so, Africa is facing the fastest growing population increase in modern history. Almost every fourth human being is projected to be living in Africa by 2050. We cannot miss this opportunity. Let us push Malthusian theories aside and see Africa as a real partner. Let us work with African entrepreneurs and start exploring innovations to unleash the full potential for everybody.
Sebastian Woller

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