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Our vision is to be the fastest growing and most transformative African-European community in the world.  We aim at realizing the full potential of African-European relations, across various sectors. We aim to create better and new areas of growth and development between both continents.

We want to create a balance that is currently lacking especially in the African continent. We are trying to amend a situation whereby one continent is more prosperous and the other is weak and not prosperous. These imbalances are what create wars, misery and destabilise the planet.
Phumzile Mtshali
South Africa
We are not only bridging two continents but also connecting two different cultures including people with different perspectives, beliefs and goals just like us in order to establish new opportunities for both Europe and Africa. In this way, we can inspire others to do the same! In this way, we are able to use the strengths of one continent to somehow overcome the weaknesses of the other one in some aspects. Also, we want to encourage to take such a step and connect with others to see the result of bridging two different continents including the benefits, the risks, the opportunities, etc.
Ryana Twumasi H.
There's big labour and economic milestones which Europe and Africa can reach, in their unique ways. Africa's challenge remains late economic entry for its youth. This late entry and economic exclusion is the chief source of the rising extremist movements. In Europe, Entrepreneurship has found expression latest tech and knowledge industries. However the growth can reach a peek soon if potential scale-up startups are not identified and funded earlier.
Biswas Kapasule
Personally, I think any country or continent wherever situated in this world cannot depend solely on its own resources to remain operable on a long-term basis. Without Africa, we wouldn't be where we are today, and without Europe, we may not have received our scientific breakthroughs. Africa wouldn't progress as it does nowadays In order to face nowadays (in particularly) social and cultural issues. It's important to build a partnership of equal.
Djamal Gandi

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