The African-European-Fellowship aims to connect organizations and people to discover opportunities for mutually beneficial partnerships.
The AEF has teamed up with different, complimentary African and European organizations to develop new solutions.
For more information about how AEF and our partners can jointly help your organization, please email us at

Our network consists of 400 startups

We are proud to present a selection of some of the startups below. If you are interested to know more about our startup pool, feel free  to contact us.


ESMT Berlin

A private non-profit business school based in Berlin

Keep our Girls in School, Zimbabwe and Denmark

Consult, educate, connect and empower individual’s in Congo.



Preserving Water, Germany


News and Updates about issues around the world. Based in Zimbabwe

Youth in Focus

Youth in focus

Youth development in Ghana.


Feel free to contact us: | +49 (0) 176 82471729
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