Western Togoland

Western Togoland The Protectorate of German Togo was divided between the British, who took control of what is Western Togoland today, and the French who

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African Coups D’état

African Coups D’état Africa History Blog VI A coup d’état is the sudden and violent overthrow of a government, usually done by a small group

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The CFA Franc

The CFA Franc Africa History Blog V This year, the CFA franc is turning 75 years old. The currency, backed by the French treasury and

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Africa’s year of wonder

Africa’s Year of wonder Africa History Blog III On 26 August 1789, the French Déclaration des Droits d l’homme et du Citoyen first postulated the

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The Berlin Conference

The Scramble for Africa (1884-1885) Africa History Blog I  Prior to European colonization Africa had a considerable history of state building (Oxford Bibliographies). During the

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Launch of African History Blog

Does a “pact for the continuation of colonization” really exist? This post, originally published on November 24, 2019, will be updated as the team’sresearch evolves.

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#ourwomen campaign

We are launching a new campaign: #ourwomen You don’t have to look far to find that women are a lever to growth and prosperity. Back

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Our #greenaef campaign

Beginning of July, the AEF fellows gathered to launch their very first campaign. The focus was to be set on sustainable development and awareness, birthing

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Ghana: Youth in Focus

Africa has the youngest population in the world. Ghana has a very young age structure as well. Some estimates suggest that more than half of

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